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"I went into my coaching sessions with Janine not knowing what to expect, but knowing that I needed guidance to find focus and accountability while I was planning life changes (some minor, some not). Janine helped me to re-center my priorities and goals within a flexible and attainable framework that I'm learning to manage on my own. She continues to help me set my own expectations and focus on my present situation and achievements with a vision of what I want my future to look like. Her help is so valuable to me that after I completed my six, bi-weekly sessions with her, I opted to continue to do a session a month. Thank you, Janine, for providing an objective, judgment-free space to find tools and rediscover resources that I'd forgotten I had to move forward.'

"Janine helped me see how people in my life were already resources. Thinking about the things we talked about in our sessions began to build my confidence in myself, so that I can advocate for the things I want. During my time coaching with Janine I received a promotion at work, started an exercise routine and explored options I had not previously thought about."

"I was truly stuck and in my own way. Working with Janine helped me get organized, reframe my thinking. I unlocked so much potential inside of myself that I had forgotten was there, or was too scared to see. I am moving forward in a way that feels supported and right and exciting. I am energized to keep going. Having someone to hold me accountable is so helpful, or rather having someone remind me of the things I said I would do reminds me that I am capable of so much more than I thought possible. This has been an incredibly fulfilling experience."

"Janine helped create such awareness in the way our office operates. After experiencing her training classes and group coaching, we now have the tools to have conversations that used to feel scary."

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