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What is the process?

For coaching: We will have our free introductory call before we move forward with a coaching agreement. I recommend 6 sessions to start. Since coaching is a process, having sessions every other week works best. If you are local to the  Baltimore area, meeting in person (post-COVID) is an option, but a call or virtual session is more typical. 

For communication training programs: We will have our free introductory call, in which you will identify 3-5 communication challenges in your office. Then we will draft an agreement together. I recommend a one hour program for each identified challenge, followed by a group coaching session that will explore how to apply the communication techniques moving forward.

What if I only want the training courses? 

The suggestion to do both training and coaching is to ensure the dollars are well spent by following up training with coaching. There is no one size fits all. I will work with you to create a package that fits   your needs We always have options!

What are your fees?

I offer a free introductory call, where we will explore your wants. Once we establish whether you desire coaching, communication programs, or to pair coaching with communication programs, we discuss fees. Because I tailor packages to suit your specific needs, fees are subject to fluctuate.

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