What is the process?

For coaching: We will have our free introductory call before we move forward with a coaching agreement. I recommend 6 sessions to start. Since coaching is a process, having sessions every other week works best. If you are local to the  Baltimore area, meeting in person (post-COVID) is an option, but a call or virtual session is more typical. 

For communication training programs: We will have our free introductory call, in which you will identify 3-5 communication challenges in your office. Then we will draft an agreement together. I recommend a one hour program for each identified challenge, followed by a group coaching session that will explore how to apply the communication techniques moving forward.

What if I'm not a medical professional?

While most of my clients are medical professionals, I coach many other professionals too. It is my belief that most people benefit from talking with a compassionate person who will listen, support, guide, focus and motivate. The communication issues that arise in a doctors office can show up in any office or home.  I am happy to explore opportunities for coaching and communication training with anyone looking for guidance from a trained professional.

What are your fees?

I offer a free introductory call, where we will explore your needs. Once we establish whether you desire coaching, communication programs, or to pair coaching with communication programs, we discuss fees. Because I tailor packages to suit your specific needs, fees are subject to fluctuate.