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Janine Sunday is a Certified Master Coach.  She trained with the Center for Coaching Certification and is a member of the International Coaching Federation.  She holds a BA in both communication and vocal performance from UNC-Chapel Hill, and is working toward ACC credentialization. 


Lean Into Change LLC offers both consulting and communication training in a corporate environment, as well as individual and group coaching.  Janine has built on her 15 years of experience helping medical professionals use newfound communication tools in daily interactions with patients and staff, and works tirelessly to continue training, earing certifications in the Science of Positivity and in Diversity and Inclusion from The Center for Coaching. 


She is also an awarded singer and actress with mastery in lyric interpretation, as well as a gifted voice teacher.  Janine uses her ability to interpret words, body language and vocal inflection to effectively listen and respond to her clients.  Using her CORE model, Janine supports her client’s Communication, Organization, Reframing and Empowerment. 

Janine is an inspiring Keynote Speaker bringing messages about allowance, finding your tribe, re-writing your script, and work life balance. She speaks from personal experience as a performing artist, a single mother, an adopted person, an orphan, and as a person who has been profoundly affected by alcoholism in her family. 

To hear some of Janine's messages visit Lean Into Change on LinkedIn,  Instagram and Facebook and check out her series, Sundays with Sunday.


The mission of Lean Into Change is to compassionately guide and collaborate by leaning into challenging transitions to find a new way toward balance. Everyone deserves balance, and the combination of communication training with coaching can help achieve that balance. Communication brings clarity, clarity brings confidence, and confidence leads to positive change.


Lean Into Change believes everyone is capable of greater awareness and has the courage to make positive starts with one small change.

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